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that review and compare

how business evolves in develop,

emerging and frontier markets.

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A divergent approach to business challenges ensures a new perspective and different results. When they zig, you zag.
“Napoléon Franchissant Les Alpes”, Jacques-Louis David (1801), Château de Mailmaison, France
The new challenge regarding segmentation lies in finding the intermediate point between universal values and particular realities.
“Les Nymphéas”, Claude Monet (1920-1926), Musée de l´Orangerie, Paris
By uniting new and old theories / references, you gain the capacity and the chance to play with a contemporary business mindset.
“Treasures from the Wreck of the Unbelievable”, Damien Hirst (2017), Palazzo Grassi, Venezia
Not all businesses are achieved following the methodological development rules. Going counter-current is also worth it.
“The Parakeet and the Mermaid”, Henri Matisse (1952), Global Itinerant Exhibition, 2017: Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Today the story told by a brand is the center because people connect with the content, not the media.
“Le Trouble du Philosophe”, Giorgio de Chirico (1926), Museo 900, Milano
Investment opportunities fluctuate with the increasing sensitivity of the market. Developing a constant review and the analysis of it is fundamental.
“Floating Piers”, Christo (2016), Lake Iseo, Italy
When you understand the importance of market inequity you can also visualize the size of the opportunities ahead.
“Carne y Arena”, Alejandro González Irrañitu (2017), Fondazione Prada, Milano
The power of globalization is found in the common ground between developed and emerging markets.
“Soul Under the Moon”, Yayoi Kusama (2002), Global Itinerant Exhibition, 2017: The Broad Museum, Los Angeles
Great business ideas start from a blend of creativity and discipline, which are successful when methodological skills are included.
“Les Idees Claires”, René Magritte (1955), Musée d´lxelles, Brussels
Reputation in the 21st century is consolidated as the main tangible and intangible asset that enhances or threatens an operation.
“Cossacks”, Wassily Kandinsky (1910), Tate Modern Gallery, London
All businesses need people and avant-garde thinking models to ensure their evolution inside a highly competitive marketplace.
“Wall Drawing 273”, Sol LeWitt (1975), SFMoMa, California
The power of banking relies in the searching, consolidation, and landing of great business opportunities.
“Personaje delante del sol”, Joan Miró (1968), Fundación Joan Miró, Barcelona
Marketing is disappearing and it is being replaced by a multidisciplinary exercise centered on behavioral science and data.
“Rouge Triomphant”, Alexander Calder (1963), Centre Pompidou, París.
Today’s big CEOs need a permanent design that inspires a branding exercise in order to grow their operations.
“Charles the First”, Jean-Michel Basquiat (1982), Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam
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